March 2021 News

Dear Families,

Happy March! With Spring officially starting next week, we are ready to melt away some winter blues! This month is all about literacy and your children have been learning about different authors through reading, crafts, sensory, music and so much more! We are also expecting our yearly visit from the mischievous “Lucky the Leprechaun” next week!  Don’t forget to wear your GREEN for St. Patrick’s day on March 17th.

Be sure to ask about our summer camp programs in Brooklyn and Killingly! We have planned an exciting summer camp program for our school-age friends! Children must have completed Kindergarten to attend the summer camp program. Please see the flyer posted in the foyer, and to reserve your space, please make sure to register online at our website. 

It’s pizza time! For our March fundraiser, we will be selling Little Ceasar’s Pizza kits! Order right online and it will be delivered to your home. All proceeds will be used for educational supplies and playground equipment for the classrooms. More information was sent in an email along with Kid Reports. The top seller will receive a $50.00 tuition credit! The top-selling classroom with receives a hot chocolate and donut hole party!


Lastly, don’t forget to answer the question of the month: “What is one positive thing that has happened during this pandemic?” You can win a $25.00 tuition credit by emailing us an answer! As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at



Danielle DiRaimo

Executive Director 

June News 2019

June 2019
This month has been a busy month for us here at the Chaplin center! We are learning all about life on the farm, farm animals, food from the farm, and jobs on a farm! Along with all of our farm-fun learning we have also had our preschool graduation! Congratulations to our two preschool graduates, Isaiah and Jameson! We also had a visit from CT Music last week. The children had fun dancing and singing along to the music! On Friday the 14th we will celebrate all the special men in our children’s lives by having “pops with pops” at 3:30 pm in your child’s classroom. To kick off our exciting week, on Monday, June 24th we will be celebrating National Pink Day by throwing a Pink Party! Please join us in wearing pink and talk to the teachers about what exciting thing they are doing that day if you would like to volunteer!
Now that the warmer weather has arrived and we are able to spend more time outdoors, I would like to go over some reminders. Please make sure you have gone through your child’s spare clothes bin and replace with at least 2 sets of weather appropriate clothing. Children’s feet are best protected from injury in a supportive shoe or sneaker. Please do not send your child to school in jellies or open toe sandals. They do not provide enough support or protection for your child’s feet. If you wish to have your child protected with sunscreen, please apply the sunscreen at drop off or at home prior to coming to school. We can reapply as necessary when the children are doing water play or perspiring excessively. Lastly, anything your chid(ren) come in with needs to be labeled (i.e. food items, cups, clothing, bedding, diapers, wipes). This helps in ensuring that items do not get mixed in with another child’s items. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We are looking forward to a fun-filled summer!
Danielle DiRaimo
Executive Director

April News 2019

Carelot Children’s Center/Chaplin
From the desk of Erika, Site Manager
April Newsletter
Wow, winter is finally over and the warmer weather is upon us. Spring is officially here, and our friends here at Carelot welcome spring with open arms. This month our theme is “spring is in the air”. This month has already been so much fun. Our classrooms made handprint and footprint flowers, we planted tulips, we had a fun music Monday, we made some spring cookies, preschool built a city with sticks from the playground, CT music came to visit on 4/11, an ice cream social, very hungry caterpillar activity and footprint butterflies. And wait, the month isn’t over yet. We still have so much to do….we will be creating a recycle project, making a paper plate earth, learn about the lifecycle of a flower and so much more!!!
Here are just some quick reminders of upcoming events. Slumber club in killingly on 4/27 from 5-9 pm. We also sent home notices about fall registration please fill out and get it back to your teacher as soon as possible.
Provider appreciation week is 5/10 please keep a look out for a signup sheet if you would like to bring in something for our amazing teachers.
Please make sure you are labeling all of your child’s items. This does include all food items brought in daily. It is very important so food does not get confused and we know what child the items belong to.
Also now that the warmer weather is approaching please remember to send in extra clothes and shoes. With spring comes rain and with rain comes mud. We do get outside every day!
If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by the office or contact me at the center 860-455-0112 or via email at the following email address
Happy birthday this month to Amelia (1st birthday) on April 6th, and Calvin April 20th.

March News 2019

Carelot Children’s Center~Chaplin
From the desk of Erika, Site Manager
March Newsletter
Wow, March is here already. Which means spring is right around the corner! This month we will be focusing on “Reading is Fun”. This month we have already been so busy with a birthday party for Dr. Seuss, reading a story with family/friends, Eric Carle inspired tissue art, handprint hermit crabs, alphabet sensory bottles, and making Strega Nona’s Spaghetti. We still have so much to do this month and it only gets better! We are wearing green and having a green day, making an obstacle course, nutritional activity making butter, hearing a poem from our site manager, Easter egg art, epilepsy awareness day, making a winter/spring tree to compare, and a letter activity.
On March 21, your site manager will be hosting a “Spring into Spring” refreshments from 3:30-5:00 in the main lobby at pick up. Please stop by and say “hi” and have a light refreshment before or after picking up your child(ren).
Please make sure that you are sending in outside gear to go outside. Please send in snow pants, boots, a nice warm jacket, hat and mittens. If you do not have any of these items spare clothes will do! Please make sure your child’s bin is stocked with extra clothing and shoes.
Thank you to all the parents who continue to label all their child(rens) items daily. It is a huge help to staff when giving out snack and lunch. Please make sure all other items are labeled as well including clothing, nap items, diapers, wipes etc.
If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by the office or contact me at the center 860-455-0112 or via email at the following email address
Happy birthday this month to Emma March 2nd, Noah March 4th, Aleeyah March 16th, and Ethan March 23rd.

February News 2019

February Newsletter
From the desk of Erika

February is off to a great start! This month we are focusing on “Taking care of Myself”. We have already been so busy with a hot cocoa and cookie party, making toothpaste slime, learning to paint with a toothbrush, making heart cookies in busy bees, making valentines cards, heart stamping and having a Valentine ’s Day party in our classroom. But, that’s not all we still have so many fun things coming up. We will be building a 3d fire truck, making a healthy food collage, making colored pasta, making thank you cards for people in our community, A Carelot birthday party, making a dr. Seuss hat for his birthday, making green oobleck, and a matching game.
Sign-ups for the Valentine ’s Day party will be located in your child’s classroom so please keep an eye out so everyone has the chance to share a special treat. Parents are welcome to join as well.
This is also a reminder that Monday, February 18th, 2019 the center will be CLOSED in observance of President’s Day.
Please make sure you are sending in outside gear for the cold days. We are required by the state to go outside for at least 15 mins every day. So please send in boots, snow pants, hats and mittens daily. If you do not have these items please make sure you’re sending in plenty of spare clothes and extra shoes.
We are also noticing a lot of parents are not labeling items brought into school daily. It is very important that all food items, clothing, diapers, wipes etc. all have your child’s initials or name clearly written on them. Carelot is not responsible for lost or misplaced items that don’t have your child’s name on them.
If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by the office or contact me at the center 860-455-0112 or via email at the following email address
Happy birthday this month to: Ms. Sunni Feb 16th, Clayton Feb 8th, Liam Feb 9th, Vincent Feb 20th and Leilah Feb 26th.
Thank You!

January News 2019

January Newsletter
From the desk of Erika
We hope everyone had a happy and safe Holiday. This month we are focusing on Fairy Tales. Chaplin has been very busy so far with our “Teddy Bear Toast” and “Growing our own Beanstalks”. We enjoyed reading “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, making Oatmeal playdoh, and blowing through straws to make a painting. We still have so many other fun things planned this month such as making piggy footprints, making pigs in a blanket for snack, we are also going to be making masks and painting to Disney music.
Please don’t forget that Monday January 21, 2019 the center is CLOSED to children but we be open for parent/teacher conferences. Please make sure to get your forms back to teachers so we can schedule you in for a meeting.
Please make sure your child’s bin is fully stocked with weather appropriate spare clothing. 2 changes of clothes should be in your child’s bin at all times for spills or accidents. Please make sure to bring in boots, hats, mittens and snow pants as we do go outside daily. Also please make sure all items are labeled properly.
It is also very important that all children bring in enough food/drinks for the day. If your child is here for breakfast then they should be bringing in breakfast, 2-3 snacks, lunch and every meal needs a new drink/cup. Infants/Toddlers should have a new cup for every meal as it is a state requirement.
Thank you to all the families who helped to support our giving tree. We were able to help several families this holiday season.
If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by the office or contact me at the center 860-455-0112 or via email at the following email address
Thank You!

Chaplin Monthly Report- December 2018

From the desk Of Erika
Winter has arrived, and baby its cold outside! This month we are focusing on “All things Cold”. So far this month has been very busy. Preschool marshmallow igloos, we also made cookies for our local fire department, and a penguin bell, and watched polar express in our pajamas. But, the month isn’t over yet and there’s still so many exciting things to come. We will be reading the polar express book with Mrs. Erika our site manager and making hot chocolate, we will be making Christmas cards for our local hero’s, making French toast sticks for snack, making snowflakes and so much more.
On Wednesday December 19th from 3:30p-5:30p, will be our family fun night. Our theme is “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. So please bring the family for a fun time of arts and crafts and dinner on us.
Our last day to pick a mitten off our giving tree and bring in a gift is Friday December 14th. Please if you are able to give even one gift to help a local family in need we would be truly grateful. Also you can send a monetary donation to
Please make sure your child’s bin is stocked with spare clothes. 2 items of each is always best just in case of spills, or accidents. It is also the time of year to start making sure your child has snow pants, boots, hat and mittens to play outside. The state requires us to play outside daily. Everything should be labeled with your child’s name or initials.
It is also very important that all children bring in enough food/drinks for the day. If your child is here for breakfast time then they should be bringing in breakfast, 2-3 snacks, lunch and 3-4 meals worth of a drink. Infants/toddlers should have a separate cup/bottle for every meal.
If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by the office or contact me at the center 860-455-0112 or via email at the following email address
Thank You!
Erika Kelly, Site Manager

Chaplin’s October 2018 News Report

Dear Families,

I want to thank everyone who took the time out of their night to attend our annual Back to School night! We thoroughly enjoyed spending time outside of our busy days to sit and talk with you all! I also want to congratulate the Maxwell family on winning the $50.00 tuition credit, simply for attending this event!

In addition to our Back to School Night, we will end this month focusing on step-by-step procedures during our “Apples are Falling” week, color mixing during our “Pumpkins and Scarecrows” week, and numbers 1-10 during our “Brewing up some fun” week. A few fun activities we have coming up include a nutrition activity using apples (17th), making applesauce (19th), exploring a pumpkin (23rd), counting pumpkin seeds (25th) and Trick or Treat Day on the 31st! Please send your children with their holloween costumes for our dress-up party this day! Also, our Pre-Schoolers will be attending a field trip to Buell’s Orchard on October 24th; Please hand in your permission slips as soon as possible, and if available we are in need of chaperones!

A few reminders; Please remember to label everything that comes to school with your child; this includes cups, food items, clothing, diapers and wipes! As colder weather approaches please be sure that your child has extra warm clothing on hand. This will need to include sweatshirts, pants, snow clothing and boots (when applicable).

As always, you can stop by the office, call the center or e-mail me with any questions, concerns or a compliment.

Malorie Arsenault, Site Manager

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