September 2020 News

Dear Families,

Welcome to the new “School Year”! I can not wait to see all our friends in their new classrooms. The Teachers have been working really hard to get the rooms ready. We are excited to see some returning friends and also some new friends this school year.

With the new school year started, we have a few reminders to share. First, we would like to remind you to please make sure you sanitize your and your child’s hands upon entering the center and wash your child’s hands upon entering your child’s classroom. Also that breakfast time ends at 8:00 am in order for the classrooms to begin their day. Please make sure that if your child arrives after 8:00am that they have breakfast before they come in. We also ask that you call the center by 9:00am if your child will be absent or coming in late, as this helps us with planning our day. Naptime is from 1:00pm-3:00pm in the center, so be mindful if you will be coming in late. All children are expected to rest their bodies on their cots during this time.   Our full time fees are based on a 9 ½ hour day. You will be charged an additional fee for anything over 9 ½ hours, so please be sure to follow your child’s scheduled hours. If you have a schedule change you MUST notify your Site Manager. We need to schedule Teachers according to their drop off and pick up time. Example, if you normally come in at 7;30 AM to drop off your child please note that is you scheduled hours, please do not come in before your scheduled hours as we may not have a teacher to cover. This can cause chaos and confusion. All Items that enter the building must have your childs name on them, this includes bottles, bibs, cups, lunch items etc. Also, please remember that all toys should stay at home, unless it is show and share day. When children bring in toys, it can cause a distraction for the other children, along with children being upset over lost or broken toys. Lastly, as the weather begins to change, remember to send in a sweatshirt or jacket for your child to wear when we go outside and check extra clothing to be sure they are weather and size appropriate! 

We also have a couple new Teachers. Ms. Emma in Preschool has been working in the Summer Camp room and has taken on the Preschool Teacher position. Also would like to introduce Ms. Shay our Kindergarten Teacher. We also have a Distant Learning Teacher that will be joining our Carelot Family, her name is Ms. Kathleen. We are super excited to have these new programs start up. Please see the attached letter for Ms. Emma and Mrs. Shay’s welcome letters. 

As always, please stop by the office if you have any questions or concerns or you can email me at


Sokie Soriano, Site Manager

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