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Carelot Clubhouse @ Oswegatchie –

Thank you so much for providing us with such great care over the past few years. 

East Lyme Center-

Question of the month: What is your favorite thing about Carelot? My favorite thing about Carelot is how happy my son is there. I feel so comfortable with his teachers in that he’s being taken care of, learning and having fun. Every day, I see that they have done something new and creative with him, while teaching him, whether it be through song, dance or art. I’m always impressed when he comes home and tells me or teaches me something about his day. His teachers always greet me with a smile and tell me about his day when I pick him up, and it makes me feel comfortable and happy knowing he is taken care of. Carelot sticks true to their name—they care for the kids and that is what every parent wants and needs in a daycare.

Thank you,

Nicole R.

East Lyme Center-
We chose Carelot because they are NAEYC accredited but we got so much more. The East Lyme Center has a strong sense of community and the staff is warm and friendly and so kind to our two children.
Miss Sara is also full of energy. You can tell she loves working with preschoolers. She is great at communicating with parents and my son comes home ready to tell me all about his fun day. She has helped him grow leaps and bounds.
Miss Ann is the baby room is so nurturing to our little one. You can tell how much she cares about each and every one of those sweet little babies.
Lexie and Hailey are always full of energy and so sweet and kind- always smiling and full of energy. It’s a great feeling to leave our kids with such happy faces.
Miss Brenda is the sweetest. She always makes our son laugh and makes him feel safe and happy even if he’s having a bad day. I’m thankful for her compassion and kindness.
Thank you for taking such good care of our kids! -Emily G.

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What can we do to improve the quality of care and service that we offer our families/staff?
To be honest I think everything so far is great. I have been a part of the Carelot community for about 3 months now. I really enjoy receiving random emails with my son Emanuel participating in an activity. It makes me feel confident that he is in good hands. The newsletters are also a great way to keep us all updated on everything going on in the center. The minute I walk in to pick him up a staff usually gives me the rundown on how my sons day went. It tells me that they are paying attention and their number 1 goal is to make sure our children are receiving the appropriate care.
Keep up the good work, – Melissa C.

Chaplin Center
Thank you for inviting us to back to school night.  We had fun playing with the blue raspberry scented play dough, chatting and enjoying juice!  Italia really enjoys the center so it was great starting her birthday night there and finishing with cake and presents at home. – Laura C.

East Lyme Center
Kelsey has been at your center since she was about 9 months old.  In the past two years we have had many interactions with her teachers.  They are all wonderful people and I genuinely feel that they have cared for her and build positive relationships that have fostered her learning.  Her tachers have always shared with us things they think are funny that she does or something else specific to her personality.  These exchanges provide a tremendous amount of comfort knowing that she is happy and spending her day in an environment that promotes growth both socially and academically.  – Wendy K

East Lyme Center
My Girls are so happy- just want you to know how much I love the ladies!!! They really care about my kids – I am so happy… –  Beth D.

Killingly Center Family
We are very thankful to have our daughter at your school.  She is getting such a head start and her excitement continues each day, of which is something that her babies and teachers play a big role.  – Michael

Clubhouse Parent in New London
I am continually pleased with Miss Wanda’s activities and plans for the kids.  I appreciate the genuine interest and involvement of the staff this year. – Kerry C and Adam B

East Lyme Center
Hunter is becoming more social and enjoying the time with peers and staff. – Elena D.

Waterford Center
Dear Holly and Larry,
I have been with Carelot for almost two years, with my daughter and son. I want to thank you for having and finding a great director, Jessica for the Waterford location. She is a great person with a great personality, always smiling and giving the best of herself each day. I want to congratulate you for a good role model not only for her team but also the kids and parents. I also want to thank the team their for having my kids be a part of your family. – Andrea P.

East Lyme Center

I just wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you to everyone at Carelot for being so awesome.

Hannah always had a great time there with Miss Erin, Miss Jessica and Miss Amy. She loved all the projects and made so many great friends in preschool and summer camp.

Bradley started with Miss Cindy and she was just so great with him. It was hard for him (and me) to adjust to me leaving him while I went to work, but Miss Cindy is so sweet and he quickly adapted and started looking forward to daycare. Now he’s with Miss Caroline and he just loves her. She’s always doing such a great job of keeping me informed about his day and keeping in touch about any health issues. He has a blast with his friends and really enjoys all the projects they do. He’s always so talkative about his day and teaches me the new songs he’s learned or tells me stories about the fun things he did that day.

I know it’s a whole team of people who care for my kids. Miss Krystal, Miss Soki, Miss Hillary, Miss Kelley, Miss Genevieve, Miss Mimi, Miss Kayla, Miss Morgan, Mr. Billy, Mr. Matt, etc.(I hope I didn’t forget anyone) all make sure the kids are taken care of, well cared for, safe, enjoy their day, learn, and socialize with friends. For me, as a working mom it’s hard to be away from my kids, but it’s so great to know that they are in good hands.

Thank you all for everything,

I love when I drop my son off in the morning all the teachers are smiling and happy. And when I pick my son up in the afternoon he is very happy!!!
– Connie

What our family loves most about Carelot is the wonderful staff. All the teachers sincerely care about the well being of all the children, they all know who my daughter is even if they haven’t had her in their classroom. We are always greeted with a pleasant “hello” or “have a great night”. This warm & loving environment makes it much easier for us to leave our precious little one for the day.
– Becky

I have had a lot of positive experiences with Carelot when Anissah went there as a toddler, so I knew that an afterschool program through Carelot would be just as great!  Anissah particularly likes both of her Carelot teachers, Mr Leon and Miss Cindy.  It’s also very helpful that Mr. Leon also works as an aide in her classroom, so he serves as a great resource to hear about what goes on in the classroom.  Carelot is very conveniently located at Anissah’s school, so no bussing required, which is great.  Also, the after school group has enough kids for them all to be busy, but it is not overly crowded, like other after-school programs we have seen.  Anissah has fun and feels confident and free to be herself in the program!

– Marguerite